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(Sep 06, 2016)
2 events in one week!

Very busy week for Couleurs d'Asie team! all production is focused on the CULT is BACK - 3rd Edition of this Thursday, Sept 8th, at Arun villa near boeng keng kang high school, and for the Sunday Brunch Vol.3 of D22 restaurant, on Sept 11th! Mark your calendar! and come support us!

(May 25, 2015)
Sale 2015

Summer sale until mid July!

10 to 20% on regular collection

Until 70% off on random articles!

You don't want to miss it!


(Nov 04, 2014)
Water festival 2014

Dear customers, your fav ' shop will be closed for water festival! We will be back saturday, the 8th! Enjoy, have fun, and be careful!


The making-up of your customized curtains/drapes or other household textiles is so simple with Couleurs d’Asie.

Personalize your entire home with a unique, stylish decor in keeping with your own tastes and requirements.

1. Choose your fiber and color in a plain or patterned fabric.

2. Choose your style or the product you like: curtains/drapes, blinds, kakemonos, bed linen, table cloths, serviettes/napkins.

3. Choose the curtain/drape system you require: rufflette tape, tabs, eyelets, fabric ampleness, blackout material, embroideries, fabric layering, etc.

4. Give us your measurements (we can visit to take exact measurements and advise on the most suitable solutions).

5. Our team will make up your order which will be ready to be installed or delivered within a few days.


We can easily install your curtains or blinds in your home, making for a perfect finish.
You need help to define your new interior decor? With their experience and customer feedback, Couleurs d’Asie’s team will help materialize your ideas. 
Feel free to contact us for any enquiry you may have.

To get in touch with us for ordering or more information ...

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  • Made-to-Measure